The Beginner's Guide to Kettlebell Complexes

Are you looking for a great workout that you can do at home with little equipment? If so, kettlebell complexes may be perfect for you!

Before we get into kettlebell complexes, let’s talk a bit about kettlebells and how they work.

How do kettlebells work?

According to experts, a kettlebell workout may help you burn up to 400 calories in 20 minutes.

A kettlebell looks like a cast-iron cannonball with a handle on top. They come in various weights. You’ll use them as you do things like lunges, lifts, and shoulder presses.

You may have to use more than one type of kettlebell for your workout, depending on how much you weigh and the strength of your arms.

To find out which weight is right for you, ask a trainer at your local gym or consult with a trainer in our Darkside University community. They’ll be able to help you choose the best weights for your needs.

Kettlebell workouts get your heart pumping and use up to 20 calories per minute: about as much as running a 6-minute mile. This makes them especially great for weight loss.

Kettlebells work your whole body, helping you tone and strengthen muscles like the biceps and triceps, shoulders, hamstrings, and glutes, all at once.

Now that we’ve got the basics about kettlebells out of the way, let’s learn about kettlebell complexes and how they work.

Kettlebell workouts offer a lot of flexibility. You can include a few of the moves in your own workout or do a dedicated kettlebell workout a few times a week.

How do kettlebells work?

Are kettlebell workouts good for beginners?

Kettlebell workouts are ideal for beginners as they can perform several exercises without putting stress on the body by using a significant amount of weight. They also improve strength and help to burn calories at an accelerated pace with simple movements.

Furthermore, kettlebell workouts can be performed anywhere and require little preparation.

What are some kettlebell exercises for beginners?

Kettlebells are so popular these days, and many of you want to get involved. I would suggest starting with the kettlebell swing, which is one of the best exercises for your posterior chain (glutes, hamstrings, erector spinae).

This exercise will also help with explosiveness. Make sure that you master the technique before adding weight or trying faster reps.

Here are five beginner kettlebell exercises that are simple enough to master and will no doubt juice up your gym routine:

1. Kettlebell Deadlift

Start with the kettlebell on the floor in front of you. Stand with feet slightly wider than shoulder-width apart, with your toes slightly turned out.

Squat down and pick up the kettlebell, then stand up and drive through your heels, keeping your chest up and back straight. Squeeze your butt at the top and return all the way back to the ground until the kettlebell lands at your feet.

What it works: Hamstrings, Glutes, Back

3. Kettlebell Squat Thruster

Start with two kettlebells, one in each hand, in the rack position: that is, grip both firmly by the handles and pull fists to chin keeping elbows pointed straight down. The kettlebells will rest along on your outside forearm.

Keeping your arms tucked in close to your body, squat down and explosively drive the kettlebells overhead as you stand. Bring back to the rack position and repeat.

What it works: Shoulders, Quads, Hamstrings, Glutes

4. Kettlebell One-Arm High Pull

Stand with feet shoulder-width apart. Grab the kettlebell in front of you with your right hand and let it hang in front of your body, arm straight.

Slightly bend your knees and use power from your legs and biceps to jerk the kettlebell rapidly up the middle of your body, leading with your elbow, until your hand is about eye level. Repeat.

What it works: Lats, Biceps, Glutes

5. Kettlebell One-Arm Clean

Start with your feet shoulder-width apart. Grasp the kettlebell handle with your right hand in an underhanded grip. The kettlebell handles should run parallel to your feet with your thumb pointing forward.

Driving up with your legs and hips, pull the bell up the middle of your body to a standing position, keeping it close for better control. Keep a loose grip on the handle throughout the movement and bring the kettlebell up to your shoulder and rotate your arm so the kettlebell turns from the inside to the outside of your body. Return to starting position.

What it Works: Arms, Shoulders, Lower Body

Now that we’ve covered some of the basic kettlebell moves and kettlebell techniques, let’s talk about putting those moves together in a high-intensity, fat-burning, sweat-dripping kettlebell workout called a complex.

What are kettlebell complexes?

A “complex” is a group of different kettlebell exercises strung together in an intelligent manner while using a kettlebell. These complexes will deliver many benefits such as muscle hypertrophy, fat loss, etc.

Complexes are usually made up of around 5 exercises. A beginner can perform kettlebell complexes consisting of 2-3 exercises while an experienced strength athlete will require 5 + complex exercises to meet their fitness goals.

Kettlebell complexes can be done with either one or two kettlebells depending on the exercise sequence and the requirements of the exercise.

Here’s an example of a basic kettlebell complex that you could use on your fitness journey as a beginner workout.

The Basic Kettlebell Complex:

  1. Clean and Press (All the way up)
  2. Front Swing (Through low position and ‘hike’ pass under hips to another side)
  3. Bent-Over Row (Pretend there is a glass of water on your back, avoid pulling with arms but use shoulder blades as hooks and squeeze shoulder blades at the top contracted position)
  4. Squat or Goblet Squat (Actively sit into a squat by pushing glutes back, making sure you leave hamstrings “behind” you as opposed to overextending like a “good morning”)
  5. Turkish Get-Up (Set bell down and perform each segment slowly and rest when needed. Perform the Get-Up, then put down bell to finish)

Why should you try kettlebell complexes?

Because they are a great way to get in an amazing workout without having to go to the gym! Plus, they can be done anywhere with little to no equipment required. All you need is a kettlebell and some space to move around in.

So, for those of you who are constantly on the go and don’t have time to spare for a long workout….give kettlebell complexes a try.

Who can do kettlebell complexes?

Anyone! These complexes are a great way to get in shape no matter your age, weight, or fitness level. There are always ways to adjust the difficulty of a complex so it fits your needs.

What if I have little time for working out?

You won’t find many workouts as efficient (and fun) as kettlebell complexes. They take very little time, and you’ll feel like a new person afterward!

You will find that these kettlebell complexes take very little time and that you can accomplish many sets in just 20-40 minutes.

What are the benefits of kettlebell complexes?

This challenging workout delivers a host of benefits, including improved strength, endurance, and cardiovascular health.

Here are a few of the top-line benefits:

  • Increased workout efficiency
  • Lean body mass (fat burning and muscle building) has been boosted considerably.
  • Stronger core strength and performance in real-life activities

Kettlebell complexes are also a fantastic method to lose weight and burn calories.

kettlebells for legs

How long should I do them for?

Complexes should be done regularly but low quantity is key to gaining great results. Try doing them for a minimum of 1-2 times a week every week.

Are there different types of kettlebell complexes?

Yes, there are many variations of kettlebell training. Some great ones are power complexes, which you perform in less than 5 minutes; cardio complexes, which will improve cardiovascular endurance; fat loss complexes; and many more.

There is a kettlebell complex to work on whatever your fitness goals may be! Just remember that doing them regularly is the key to getting great results. If you have any other questions or need any help, our online Darkside University community is the place for you!

To help you stick with your weight loss plans, here are some routines to keep your workouts fresh and torch body fat. Try these kb complexes as part of your workout or HIIT training.

Beginner Kettlebell Workout

Kettlebell Complex Workout 1: Legs

  • Single-arm kettlebell swings (left arm) – 10 reps
  • Front rack squats left side – 10 reps
  • Single-arm kettlebell swings (right arm) – 10 reps
  • Front rack squats right side – 10 reps
  • Goblet position walking lunges – 10 reps
  • Sumo deadlift – 10 reps
  • Repeat for 5 rounds or 20 min as many rounds as possible (AMRAP)

Kettlebell Complex Workout 2: Upper Body

  • 2 kettlebell push press – 10 reps
  • 2 kettlebell bent over rows – 10 reps
  • 2 kettlebell push-ups – 10 reps
  • 2 kettlebell high pulls – 10 reps
  • 5 rounds or 20 min AMRAP

Kettlebell Complex Workout 3: Total Body

  • Single-arm kb swings left and right – 5 reps
  • Snatch left and right – 5 reps
  • Squat thruster left and right side – 5 reps
  • Goblet squat – 5 reps
  • Sumo deadlift into hi pull – 5 reps
  • Burpees 5 (no kb needed)

NOTE: If you do not have access to kettlebells, dumbbells can work.

These are just a few ideas for complexes to help you kick up your workouts. It’s limitless what you can do with these combinations.

These exercises are simple but effective and can be done anywhere with little to no equipment required. Just remember that doing them regularly is the key to seeing results!

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